Achacachi Municipality

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Achacachi Municipality
Loch Wiñaymarka, the soothren pairt o Loch Titicaca
Loch Wiñaymarka, the soothren pairt o Loch Titicaca
Achacachi Municipality is located in Bolivie
Achacachi Municipality
Achacachi Municipality
Location o the Achacachi Municipality athin Bolivie
Coordinates: 16°5′0″S 68°40′0″W / 16.08333°S 68.66667°W / -16.08333; -68.66667
Kintra Bolivie
DepairtmentLa Paz Depairtment
ProvinceOmasuyos Province
 • MayorConstancio Gutierrez
 • PresesBernabé Paucara Bautista (2007)
 • Total1072 km2 (414 sq mi)
3823 m (12,543 ft)
 • Total70,503
 • Ethnicities

Achacachi Municipality is ane o sax municipalities o the Omasuyos Province in the La Paz Depairtment in Bolivie. Its seat is Achacachi.

The municipality is situatit in the northren Altiplano o the Bolivie Andes region on the eastren shore o Lake Titicaca bordered tae the north bi the Larecaja Province, tae the east bi the Los Andes Province, tae the sooth-east bi the Huarina Municipality, tae the wast bi the Santiago de Huata Municipality, tae the sooth bi Huatajata Municipality an Chúa Cocani Municipality (these fower municipalities wur cantons o the Achacachi Municipality till 2005, 2009, an 2010, respectively),[1] tae the sooth-wast bi Loch Wiñaymarka an the northren pairt o Lake Titicaca, an tae the north-wast bi the Ancoraimes Municipality.

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

The fowk are predominantly indigenous citizens o Aymara descent (95.04 %).

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