Eliodoro Camacho Province

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Eliodoro Camacho
Suches River in Umanata
Suches River in Umanata
Location o Eliodoro Camacho Province athin Bolivie
Location o Eliodoro Camacho Province athin Bolivie
Provinces o the La Paz Depairtment
Provinces o the La Paz Depairtment
Coordinates: 15°30′0″S 69°5′0″W / 15.50000°S 69.08333°W / -15.50000; -69.08333
Kintra Bolivie
DepairtmentLa Paz Depairtment
Foondation5 November 1908
CaipitalPuerto Acosta
 • Total15900 km2 (6,100 sq mi)
 • Total57,745
 • Density27.8/km2 (72/sq mi)
 • Ethnicities

Eliodoro Camacho is a province in the La Paz Depairtment in Bolivie situatit at Lake Titicaca. Its seat is Puerto Acosta.

Camacho Province is situatit in the wastren region o the La Paz Depairtment bordered tae the north bi the Muñecas Province, tae the east bi the Larecaja Province, tae the sooth bi the Omasuyos Province, tae the wast bi Lake Titicaca an Moho Province locatit in the Puno Region o Peru.

Durin the presidency o general Ismael Montes Camacho Province wis creatit on 5 November 1908,[1] namit efter the Bolivie politeecian an officer Eliodoro Camacho. Oreeginally it wis composed bi the cantons Huaycho, Escoma, Carabuco, Italaque, Mocomoco an Ambaná. Huaycho became the caipital o the province unner the name Puerto Acosta (meanin: "Port Acosta") in honor o the writer Nicolás Acosta (1844 - 1893).[2]

Subdiveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province is dividit intae five municipalities [3] which are further subdividit intae cantons.

Section Municipality Seat Inhabitants (2001) [4]
1st Puerto Acosta Municipality Puerto Acosta 1,123
2nd Mocomoco Municipality Mocomoco 444
3rd Puerto Carabuco Municipality Puerto Carabuco 416
4th Umanata Municipality (an aw Humanata Municipality) Umanata (an aw Humanata) 192
5th Escoma Municipality Escoma 576

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