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Achacachi is located in Bolivie
Location in Bolivie
Coordinates: 16°02′40″S 68°41′06″W / 16.04444°S 68.68500°W / -16.04444; -68.68500
Kintra Bolivie
Admeen. diveesionLa Paz Depairtment
ProvinceOmasuyos Province
MunicipalityAchacachi Municipality
 • Total7,540
 • Ethnicities

Achacachi is a toun on the Altiplano plateau in the Sooth American Andes in the La Paz Depairtment in Bolivie. It is the caipital o the Omasuyos Province.

History o Achacachi[eedit | eedit soorce]

Achacachi, as an establishment, existit afore the arrival o the Spaniards, as shown bi descriptions that wur made on "cronicas" an "relaciones" (offeecial papers written bi authorities) by ryal or ecclesiastical Spaingie authorities. Achacachi wis the caipital o a colla "señorio" cried Pacasa, in the "Umasuyus" (from Aymara: "shore side") region, which wis locatit alangside the East o Loch Intikjarka (Titicaca) in the Peru-Bolivie plateau.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

Achacachi is at an elevation o 3,854 m or 12.647 feet amsl on the Achacachi peninsulae on the eastren shores o Lake Titicaca, 96 km (60 mi) northwast o the caipital La Paz.

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