2019 Emperor's Cup final

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2019 Emperor's Cup Final
2019年天皇杯決勝 (in Japanese)
The match took place at Japan National Stadium
Event2019 Emperor's Cup
Date1 January 2020
VenueJapan National Stadium, Tokyo
RefereeRyuji Sato
WatherSunny, 10 °C (50 °F)

The 2019 Emperor's Cup Final wis an association fitbaw match between Vissel Kobe an Kashima Antlers oan 1 January 2020 at Japan National Stadium in Tokyo. It wis the inaugural sporting event in the stadium, newly opened fur the 2020 Olympic Games.[1] It wis the 99th edition Emperor's Cup, organised by the Japan Football Association (JFA). Vissel Kobe wur playin in thir first ever Emperor's Cup final. Kashima Antlers wur playing thir first Emperor's Cup final since they liftit the trophy in 2016, when they won 2–1 against Kawasaki Frontale efter extra time.[2]

Ryuji Sato wis the referee fur the match, which wis played in front o 57,597 spectators. Vissel Kobe dominated the first-half o pley an brok the deidlock efter 18 minutes followin an own-goal by Tomoya Inukai, then doubled thir lead 20 minutes later efter the baw ricocheted aff striker Noriaki Fujimoto intae the net. The match ended 2–0 tae Vissel Kobe, who won thir first ever trophy in thir first final appearance in the competition.[3]

As winners, Vissel Kobe automatically qualified fur the group stage o the 2020 AFC Champions League.

Teams[eedit | eedit soorce]

Team League Previous finals appearances (bold indicates winners)
Vissel Kobe J1 League 0
Kashima Antlers J1 League 7 (1993, <b id="mwMg">1997</b>, <b id="mwNA">2000</b>, 2002, <b id="mwNw">2007</b>, <b id="mwOQ">2010</b>, <b id="mwOw">2016</b>)

Route tae the final[eedit | eedit soorce]

The tournament consisted o 88 teams in a knockoot format. The first roond contained 48 teams maide up o 47 prefectural cup winners an wan amateur team (winners of the 67th All Japan University Soccer Championship, Hosei University). The second roond then introduced the 18 J1 League clubs and the 22 J2 League clubs. At this roond, baith o the finalists entered the tournament.[4]

Vissel Kobe Roond Kashima Antlers
Opponent Result 2019 Emperor's Cup Opponent Result
Bye First roond Bye
Giravanz Kitakyushu (J3) 4–0 Second roond Hokuriku University 3–1
Omiya Ardija (J2) 4–0 Third roond Tochigi SC (J2) 4–0
Kawasaki Frontale (J1) 3–2 Fourth roond Yokohama F. Marinos (J1) 4–1
Oita Trinita (J1) 1–0 Quarterfinals Honda FC (JFL) 1–0
Shimizu S-Pulse (J1) 3–1 Semifinals V-Varen Nagasaki (J2) 3–2

Pre-match[eedit | eedit soorce]

Venue selection[eedit | eedit soorce]

The final wis hosted in the newly rebuilt Japan National Stadium – the first time the final hud been hosted in the national stadium since 2013. The game served as the inaugural sporting event at the venue.

Analysis[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vissel Kobe hud never reached further than the semi-final stage o any knockoot tournament in thir history. Kashima Antlers hud previously won the competition 5 times, the maist recent comin in 2016. In thir meetins in the 2019 J1 League, Kashima Antlers won thir first meeting awaiy at Vissel Kobe, wi Vissel then later winnin the reverse fixture.[5] Vissel Kobe hud a mare convincin run tae the final, defeating three J1 League teams en route. Kashima Antlers only met wan J1 team bit oan thir waiy unconvincinly beat JFL team Honda FC 1–0 in the quarter-finals.

Match[eedit | eedit soorce]

First hauf[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vissel Kobe started the game brightly wi Andrés Iniesta central to thir guid play. Wan of thir early chances came doon the right, wi Kyogo Furuhashi breaking doon the right-side an providin a pull-back cross fae Noriaki Fujimoto who blazed his shot ower the bar. Kobe kept the pressure oan and followin a surge intae the box by Gotoku Sakai, Lukas Podolski managed tae retain possession and fire a tightly angled attempt at goalie Kwoun Sun-tae, who cid only parry it intae his teammate Tomoya Inukai wi the baw reboondin intae the net.[6] Kashima wur limited in thir chances – coming closest wi a volley fae striker Serginho efter Kobe failed tae clear followin a free kick. Kobe continued thir strong play an efter Podolski hud a goal disallowed fur an affside in the build-up, it wisnae lang befare Kobe's second goal wis scored. Former Antlers player Daigo Nishi wis offered too much space oan the right-side an providit a cross which wis bundled intae the goal by Fujimoto, followin a mistak fae Kashima defender Inukai.

Second hauf[eedit | eedit soorce]

In response tae the humbling first-hauf, Kashima manager Oiwa made a hauf-time substitution, bringin attacking midfielder Shoma Doi oan in plaice o Ryohei Shirasaki. Kashima played mare offensivly an managed tae create a number o hauf-chances, but a combination o poor finishin an strong defending fae Reo Osaki kept Kashima oot. Kashima then chynged thir formation tae play three at the baick an match Vissel Kobe's 3-4-3, which made the game a tighter contest an allooed them much mare possession and wing-play. However Kashima struggled tae break doon Kobe and create any meaningful chances, wi Kobe's pacey Furuhashi and Fujimoto threatenin oan the coonter. Kobe hud a chance tae finish the game aff late on, but striker Junya Tanaka wis enly able tae strike a weak shot fae 6 yards oot at goalie Kwoun, efter a fine break doon the left by Podolski. As the game drew tae a close, it wis a chance fur the fans o Vissel Kobe tae say cheerio tae legendary player David Villa, who made a cameo appearance in added time – his last professional appearance befare retirement.[7]

Details[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vissel Kobe 2–0 Kashima Antlers
Inukai Goal 18' (o.g.)
Fujimoto Goal 38'
Attendance: 57,597
Referee: Ryuji Sato
GK 18 Japan Hiroki Iikura
DF 33 Brazil Dankler YC 57'
DF 25 Japan Reo Osaki
DF 4 Belgium Thomas Vermaelen
MF 22 Japan Daigo Nishi
MF 5 Japan Hotaru Yamaguchi
MF 8 Spain Andrés Iniesta (c) Substitutit aff 88'
MF 24 Japan Gotoku Sakai
FW 10 Germany Lukas Podolski Substitutit aff 90+2'
FW 16 Japan Kyogo Furuhashi
FW 9 Japan Noriaki Fujimoto Substitutit aff 78'
GK 1 Japan Daiya Maekawa
DF 3 Japan Hirofumi Watanabe
MF 27 Japan Yuta Goke
MF 35 Japan Takuya Yasui Substitutur in 88'
FW 13 Japan Keijiro Ogawa
FW 21 Japan Junya Tanaka Substitutur in 78'
FW 7 Spain David Villa Substitutur in 90+2'
Germany Thorsten Fink
GK 1 Sooth Korea Kwoun Sun-tae
DF 6 Japan Ryota Nagaki (c)
DF 27 Brazil Bueno
DF 39 Japan Tomoya Inukai
DF 28 Japan Koki Machida
MF 30 Japan Shintaro Nago Substitutit aff 53'
MF 20 Japan Kento Misao
MF 4 Brazil Léo Silva YC 77'
MF 17 Japan Ryohei Shirasaki Substitutit aff 46'
FW 18 Brazil Serginho
FW 15 Japan Sho Ito Substitutit aff 72'
GK 21 Japan Hitoshi Sogahata
DF 33 Japan Ikuma Sekigawa
DF 16 Japan Shuto Yamamoto Substitutur in 53'
DF 2 Japan Atsuto Uchida
MF 13 Japan Atsutaka Nakamura Substitutur in 72'
MF 8 Japan Shoma Doi Substitutur in 46'
FW 34 Japan Kotaro Arima
Japan Go Oiwa

Assistant referees: Hiroshi Yamauchi Jun Mihara Fourth official: Hiroki Kasahara Video assistant referee: Hiroyuki Kimura Akane Yagi

Match rules

  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes o extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-oot if scores still level.
  • Seven named substitutes.
  • Maximum o three substitutions.

Statistics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Post-match[eedit | eedit soorce]

By winning the match, Vissel Kobe won the first trophy in thir history, vindicatin the large amoont o investment pit intae the club by chairman Hiroshi Mikitoni.[8] Thorsten Fink, the winnin manager, said "I'm really prood tae huv won ma first title. There are many supporters who support me as well as the club, nd ah hink it's very guid fur the city o Kobe". His opposite number, Go Oiwa said "It's a very disappointin result, but av tawd the players that am very grateful tae them fur huving fought tae the end". This wis to be Oiwa's last match in charge o Kashima befare steppin doon as manager.

The monetary reward tae Vissel Kobe fur winning the trophy wis 150,000,000円, wi runners-up Kashima Antlers awarded 50,000,000円.[9]

Vissel Kobe also automatically qualified fur the group stage o the 2020 AFC Champions League following thir victory.

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