September 11 attacks

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(Reguidit frae 11t September attacks)
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The 11t September attacks, aften cried 9-11 juist, wis attacks on the Unitit States bi Islamic terrorists on 11t September 2001. Twa hijackit aeroplanes wis flown intae the Warld Tred Centre, dingin doun its twa touers an causin the daiths o aboot 2500 fowk, forby the fowk on the aeroplanes thairsels, aboot five hunner mair. Anither aeroplane wis flown intae the Pentagon, killin 125 fowk. A fourth plane wis on coorse for the White Hoose in Washington D.C. Houaniver, the passengers in thon plane attackit the hijackers, causin the plane tae crash-laund afore it reached its intendit tairget.

Acause o thir attacks, Preses George W. Bush decidit tae hae Americae lench a warld wide war agin terrorism. At the time al-Qaeda, the fowk ahint the attacks, wis operatin oot o Afghanistan that wis unner the owerins o the Taliban. George Bush invadit Afghanistan for tae pit the branks on al-Qaeda an the Taliban.