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NPOV? Forbye Ah gree wi the airticle, it's no exactly neutral, an it's no aboot the September 11t attacks, bit aboot the author's opeenion o the efter-effecks. Bazza

Ye're richt aboot that. It isna encyclopaedic an isna exact neutral but it wis guid fun tae write. Mebbes the feck o't shoud flit tae Warld Wide War on Terror. 12:00, 13 Dizember 2006 (UTC)
Wee dug? Inappropriate. Spaek 15:31, 16 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

Aye weel the hail o't's inappropriate really. A gree wi it an a' but it'll hae tae get chynged (an A'll awa an dae thon noo). 84.135 micht like tae tak his wee bit satirical darg some ither place tho sae's the Internet's no deprived o't. Mendor 16:17, 16 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

Duin a bit. Left the feck o 84.135's bit in but commentit it oot. Can a body wi a better grasp o eediom nor me comment on the uiss o "dingin doun" here aboot the twa touers, A get the feelin it michtna be appropriate for sicna serious topic. Mendor 16:32, 16 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

Mony fowk is o the conceit that Scots isna appropriate for onything sairious.
"It is possible for a pupil to undertake a Scottish language topic as a specialist study for Higher English. The opportunity is seldom taken. Candidates are encouraged 'to write in Scots where appropriate' as part of their creative writing paper." Secondary education > Language Use 11:36, 19 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

Aye, A ken that an you ken A ken that. Pynt is that there different registers athin Scots an a', an no haein a richt grasp o eediom masel A wisna shuir if ding doun belanged an ower informal register for uiss here. A tak it you're tellin me it isna, weel fine.
On a bit o a tangent, talkin aboot Higher English taks me back. A'm ane o aboot fower fowk in Scotland A think that haes the Advanced Higher English Language Unit qualification, an A did it a' aboot Scots. (Didna hing aboot for the lave o the Advanced Higher like. Leeteratur's no ma thing.) Mendor 12:05, 19 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

Aye, it's no easy. Modren Scots disnae hae a heich regitrar ony mair, an we kind ae hae tae mak it up as we go, likes. Bazza 13:04, 19 Dizember 2006 (UTC)