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Zuia's shield

Zuia (Spaingie: Zuya) is a toun an municipality locatit in the province o Álava, in the Basque Kintra, northren Spain.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first mention o the Zuia Valley is in the document Reja de San Millan frae the year 1025 (tho some authors argue that it is posterior, likely twalt hunderyear), a document conservit in the Monastery o San Millan (La Rioja). The document states that ivery ten neighbors maun deliver a gratin airn tae a releegious institution; accordin tae the document, nine bars correspond tae Zuia, 13 tae Zigoitia, 12 tae Kuartango, etc. In 1752, efter repeatit attempts, the keeng appruivit the establishment o a heich-gate throu the valley o Zuia tae facilitate communication atween Vitoria an Bilbao. Work wis supposit tae be completit bi the year 1798. In 1763, thay votit tae enlairge the toun haw, unner Mayor Francisco Vea Murgia. In 1767 the ceety council hoose o Zuia wis feenished. Housomeivver, in 1795, efter 6 year o puir harvests an a drainin war wi Fraunce, the Valley remained mired in abject poverty, sae thay sauld hauf o the toun haw for 4300 ducats tae Don Domingo Ortiz de Zarate, the patron o Luquiano, wha steyed in Murgia.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Geographically, the municipio o Zuia borders the province o Biscay (Orozko an Zeanuri) an Álava municipalities: Urkabustaiz, {Amurrio}, Zigoitia, Kuartango an {Vitoria-Gasteiz}. Athin its leemits is locatit a lairge portion o the Gorbea massif (73.5 km2), includin its maist important summits: Gorbea (1,482 m), Nafakorta (1.017m) Burbona (935m) an Berretín (1.226m). The soorces o several rivers are locatit here, includin the Baias, the Ugalde, an the Larreakorta, which as thay flow frae North tae Sooth hae carvit steep wattersheds intae the valley o Zuia, aroond river Baias. Awtho pairt o the oreeginal vegetation o Gorbeia haes been cleared (thir days occupee'd bi heath an pine), magnificent beech firths are still foond in Berretín (Larreakorta), Arlobi, an Ilunbe; a extensive Pyrenean in the ravine o the river Ugalde (Aldamiz, Arazo an Sootheast o Berretín); an a strip o alder groves on the banks o the Baias. But, athoot a dout, the best preservit enclave is the beech forest o Altube, whaur the pairt o Zuia, haes been developit aroond the canyons that strynd frae Burbona: the Bortal/Rekandi an Katxandiano. In the aurie o Zuia Valley, extraordinar aiks remain next tae the Baias (in Bitoriano, Ametzaga Lukiano an Gillerna in Basubitxi an San Fausto), distributit lik islets atween lairge auries o pastur that occupee the entire Valley o Zuia. Peñas de Oro/Atxabal (896m) an Ganalto (Badaia saw, 900 m.), close the Zuia Valley, shelterin bonnie patches o beech an aik on its slopes. Thir places affer bonnie views ower aw Oro, a place o great botanical, geological (calcareous Islet in the diapiric aurie o Murgia) an airtistic (Sanctuar o Oro) interest.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Zuia wis historically a fermin an ranchin municipio. The first industries appeared here in the twantiet century; the day it is basically becomin a residential aurie. As in the rest o the region, fermstock an forestry wur ance the primar economical activities o the aurie. Tho agriculture isnae ony mair a major component o the local economy, thare still important sheep an nowt ferms here, in some o whilk (Sarria) Idiazabal cheese is made. The beekeepin sector is growin in importance, wi the production o hinny an derivatives, whilk is promotit frae the Honey museum in Murgia. The industrial sector is locatit in the industrial estates o Murgia an Islarra (next tae the motorwey A-68), wi a aurie o ower 100,000 m2 o industrial laund. Services is undoubtedly the maist important sector o Zuia's economy. The growthe o tourism an natur-relatit sport activities haes driven this industry in a municipality wi a lang tourism tradeetion.

Murgia haes acome a centre o services whase sphere o influence gangs far ayont municipal boondars. This wey, hosts rowth shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports center, technical services, tourist office, etc. Ither veelages o the Valley host sic services an aw: fermhouses an cottages (Lukiano, Markina an Sarria), bars an restaurants (Bitoriano an Sarria), Zuia Golf Club in Altube, Service Auries in the motorwey (restaurant an hotel in Altube), etc.

Veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

The veelages in the municipality are:

  • Ametzaga
  • Aperregi
  • Aretxaga
  • Bitoriano
  • Domaikia
  • Gilierna-Guillerna
  • Jugo
  • Lukiano
  • Markina
  • Murgia, the caipital
  • Sarria
  • Zárate
  • Ziorraga
  • Zuia

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 42°58.9′N 2°50.64′W / 42.9817°N 2.84400°W / 42.9817; -2.84400