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Alegría-Dulantzi (Spaingie: Alegría, Basque: Dulantzi) is a toun an municipality locatit in the province o Álava, in the Basque Kintra, northren Spain.

The municipality is locatit some 14 km frae the provincial caipital, Vitoria-Gasteiz. It haes a aurie o 19.95 km², an a population (2004) o some 1,919 indwallers.

Alegría-Dulantzi municipality is dividit intae twa sub-auries, or communes (concejos or kontzejuak). Bi far the lairger o the twa is the municipal centre an tounship o Alegría-Dulantzi itself, which accoonts for some 95% o the municipality's population. The municipality controls a smaw exclave locatit tae the sootheast an aw, cried Egileta, which is surroondit bi a neebourin municipality.

The Battle o Alegría de Álava teuk place here in 1834.

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Coordinates: 42°50′39″N 2°30′43″W / 42.84417°N 2.51194°W / 42.84417; -2.51194