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Cigoitia is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 42°58′6″N 2°43′41″W / 42.96833°N 2.72806°W / 42.96833; -2.72806
Kintra Spain
Autonomous commonty Basque Kintra
 • AlcaldeIoseba Mikel Las Heras Martinez de Lapera (Bildu)
 • Total102,07 km2 (3,941 sq mi)
600 m (2,000 ft)
Postal code

Cigoitia (in Euskera an offeecially Zigoitia) is a municipality o the province o Álava, Basque Kintra, Spain.

Place name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety´s name Cigoitia is believit tae derive frae the Basque expression Zuya goitia (upper Zuya) acause it borders wi the municipality an valley o Zuya at the wast.

The fact that Cigoitia is heicher than Zuya coud be a explanation for the name Zuya goitia. The existence o resilient historical links atween baith valleys haes tae be validatit an aw; syne Cigoitia historically belangit tae Cuadrilla de Zuya.

Zigoitia is the normalisit shape o the toun name in the Basque leid, accordin tae the actual pronunciation in that leid an the modren Basque orthografie. In 1995 it wis adoptit bi the Toun Cooncil as the offeecial municipal name. It wis published bi the Boletín Oficial del Estado on 13 September 1996.

In 2013, the lairgest common grave o the Basque Kintra frae the Spaingie Ceevil War wis excavatit in the locality.

Demografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the nomenclátor in 2011, the population registered in the municipality an in its localities wis:

  • Cigoitia: 1 729 inhabitants
    • Acosta (offeecially Acosta/Okoizta): 68 inhabitants
    • Apodaca (offeecially Apodaka): 163 inhabitants
    • Berrícano (offeecially Berrikano): 111 inhabitants
    • Buruaga: 50 inhabitants
    • Cestafe (offeecially Zestafe): 44 inhabitants
    • Echágüen (offeecially Etxaguen): 82 inhabitants
    • Echávarri-Viña (offeecially Etxabarri-Ibiña): 321 inhabitants
    • Eribe: 71 inhabitants
    • Gopegui (offeecially Gopegi): 243 inhabitants
    • Larrinoa: 13 inhabitants
    • Letona: 44 inhabitants
    • Manurga: 76 inhabitants
    • Mendarózqueta (offeecially Mendarozketa): 53 inhabitants
    • Murua: 146 inhabitants
    • Olano: 23 inhabitants
    • Ondátegui (offeecially Ondategi): 159 inhabitants
    • Záitegui (offeecially Zaitegi): 42 inhabitants
    • Dispersed ceetizens in Cigoitia: 22 inhabitants

Local admeenistration[eedit | eedit soorce]

The caipital status is in Ondategi an it haes 16 cooncils:

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