Zeev Rosenstein

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Zeev Rosenstein
Tel Aviv, Israel

Zeev Rosenstein (Ebreu: זאב רוזנשטיין‎‎; born 1954) is an infamous Israeli mob boss an drug trafficker. Rosenstein wis born tae a Romanie Jewish faither an a muntain Jewish mither in Yafo, Israel.[1]

Housomeivver, wi the exception o a robbery conviction in the 1970s, Israeli polis haed niver managed tae gather sufficient evidence tae indict Rosenstein.

On 11 December 2003, a bomb aimed at Rosenstein killt three bodies an woundit 18 ithers in Tel Aviv.[2] The bombin led tae a media ootcry again the Israeli mob families, wi newspapers comparin them wi the Palestinians in terms o threat tae the Israeli state.[3] Ariel Sharon cried an emergency cabinet meetin an the govrenment annoonced an extra 500 million shekels ($100 million US) in the fecht against organised creeme.[3] The bombin wis the seivent attempt on the life o Rosenstein, wha became kent as the "wouf wi seiven lifes" (Zeev meanin wouf in Ebreu), an wis said tae hae been carriet oot bi the Abergil creeme family, which Rosenstein haed been feudin wi for several years.[3]

In November 2004, efter 700,000 ecstasy tablets wur seized in a Manhattan apairtment, he wis chairgit wi distributin Ecstasy in the Unitit States in a joint effort o U.S. Depairtment o Juistice an Israeli Meenistry o Juistice.

Efter exhaustin his legal options in Israel, a precedent-settin decision bi the Supreme Court o Israel,[4] Rosenstein wis extraditit tae the U.S. on 6 Mairch 2006, makin him ane o vera few Israelis tae iver be extraditit for prosecution in anither kintra.

Rosenstein pleadit no guilty in U.S. court tae the distribution o ecstasy an wis sentenced tae 12 years in preeson. Accordin tae the extradition treaty atween Israel an the U.S., he wad serve his U.S.-imposed sentence in an Israeli preeson an be eligible for parole in five year an fower month.

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