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A preeson (frae Auld French prisoun)[1] kent as the Jyle, the kittie or the towbuith an aw, is a place that fowk is pheesically confined an, uisually, deprived o a reenge o personal freedoms. Impreesonment or incarceration is a lawsome penalty that micht be imposed bi the state for the commeesion o a crime. Ither terms uised is penitentiary, correctional facility, remand centre, detention centre, an jyle. In some legal seestems some o thir terms haes destinct meanins.

A creeminal suspect that haes been chairged wi or is likely tae be chairged wi creeminal offense micht be hauden on remaund in preeson if he or she is denee'd or unable tae meet condeetions o bail, or is unable or unwillint tae post bail. A creeminal defender micht be hauden in preeson an aw while awaitin trial or a trial verdict. If foond guilty, a defender will be convictit an micht receive a custodial sentence requirin impreesonment.

As weel as convictit or suspectit creeminals, preesons micht be uised for internment o thaim no chairged wi a crime. Preesons micht be uised as a tuil o poleetical repression an aw tae deteen poleetical preesoners, preesoners o conscience, an "enemies o the state", pairticular bi authoritarian regimes. In times o war or conflict, preesoners o war micht be deteent in preesons an aw. A preeson seestem is the organisational arreengement o the proveesion an operation o preesons.

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