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ZAZ Tavria (Ukrainian: Таврія) is a range o front wheel drive subcompact cars made bi Ukrainian ZAZ. ZAZ-1102 Tavria an subsequent ZAZ-1105 Dana an ZAZ-1103 Slavuta replaced rear wheel drive Zaporozhets in the product lineup.

ZAZ-1102 Tavria[eedit | eedit soorce]

ZAZ-1102 Tavria

ZAZ-1102 Tavria, a 3-door hatchback wis the first model o the range, released in 1987. It features independent McPherson struts suspension at the front an torsion beams at the rear. The watercooled MeMZ-245 I4 ingine wis a major shift forrit frae aircooled V4 uised in umwhile models.

The 1102 acquired the Tavria name in 1989. It wis chosen in an internal factory contest an resembles Tauric, the auncient Greek name o Crimea.

ZAZ-1105 Dana[eedit | eedit soorce]

ZAZ-1105 Dana, a 5-door wagon version wis released in 1992 an discontinued in 1999. Syne 1996, a commercial van haes been made. The current version uises updated MeMZ-301 engines wi fuel injection.

ZAZ-1103 Slavuta[eedit | eedit soorce]

ZAZ-1103 Slavuta

ZAZ-1103 Slavuta is a 5-door liftback released in 1995. It featurt fuel injection ingine. Due tae usage o liftback teep body wi an elangatit ruif line an roondit contour o huid an trunk lid, turn indicators on headlamp wi increased roondin radius frae 20 tae 50 mm an an aa rejection o rain channels abuin doors no anerlie a complete image o caur wis creatit, but an aa streamline wis improved, luggage compartment volume wis increased, loadin heicht wis lawered up tae 60 cm an dirtyin o rear gless in rainy wather wis decreased.

A liftback teep body maks possible independent boardin o aw passengers an easy access tae the luggage. Wide rear door openin gies access tae the spacious luggage compartment. Slavuta haes quite lairge for its cless trunk which can be uised tae the maximum as spare wheel location wis moved tae ingine compartment. Rigid shelf separates passenger compartment an luggage compartment. It can be liftit when tail gate is open an completely removed when rear seats ar unfoldit. Thare ar loudspeakers o biggit-in audio seestem on baith sides o rigid shelf.

Passenger compartment is trimmed wi modren safe polymer materials complyin wi the latest standards. Passenger compartment trim actively suppresses sun glints an driver disna get tired very easily on bricht sunny day. Trim colors gie a feelin o cosiness an comfort tae passengers an driver. Passenger compartment trim actively resists vibration in wide range o audio frequency an additionally reduces noise level.

ZAZ-11055 Tavria Pick-Up[eedit | eedit soorce]

ZAZ-11055 Tavria Pick-up

ZAZ-11055 Tavria Pick-Up is a commercial vehicle designed for sma cargo transportation. In contrast tae passenger model pick-up haes cargo compartment an plastic upper pairt. Tavria Pick-Up haes body 20 cm langer than passenger model.

Tavria Pick-Up is designated for cargo transportation that’s why front beam is made o thicker metal than in hatchback (3.2 mm instead o 2.8 mm).

Tavria Pick-Up behaves well on uneven road due tae reinforced structur o rear suspension. It is mair rigid compared tae passenger hatchback. Awin tae this caur carryin capacity wis increased up tae 420 kg. Fiberglass cargo compartment rigidly screwed tae body is 1250 mm hie an 1300 mm wide. The lenth o cargo is 1320 mm, but it is possible tae open the upper pairt o tail gate supportit bi gas struts an put langer items. Large aurie o foldin upper pairt o tail gate perfectly suits sma traders. Sic caur can be uised as mobile tradin stall. An if ye fold the lawer pairt ye will hae a coonter.

Out of the USSR[eedit | eedit soorce]

It wis sauld in Chile as the Lada Tavria in the early 90s, an in Colombie atween 1992 an 1995.[1]

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