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Male E. c. citrinella
Sang recordit in Devon, Ingland
Scientific classification edit
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Faimily: Emberizidae
Genus: Emberiza
Species: E. citrinella
Binomial name
Emberiza citrinella
   Breeding summer visitor
   Resident year-round
   Winter visitor
Approximate natural range
Emberiza citrinella
Emberiza citrinella

The Yorlin, Emberiza citrinella, is a bird in the buntin faimly Emberizidae. It is whiles kent as the yoldrin, yellae lintie, Scots canary, or yellae yite an aw.

The name Scots (Scotch) canary is thoucht tae hae cam frae miners, wha would tak canaries doon the mines, and wha saw the colour similarity between a Yorlin and a Canary.

It bides athort Europe an a muckle bit o Asie. The Yorlin wis brocht tae New Zealand in 1862 an is foond aw ower thae islands the nou. Its mebbes mair rowthie in New Zealand the nou nor in Europe, whaur its nummers is dwynin. In Europe an Asie, maist birds is resident, but some gey northren birds migrate sooth come winter. It's foond in mony open areas that haes some scrogs or trees.

In the winter they gaither thegither in smaw flauchts.

The Yorlin is a stoot 15.5–17 cm lang bird, wi a stieve seed-eatin neb. The male haes a bricht yellae heid, is yellae aneath, an haes a gey strippit broun back. The female is mair dreich, an mair strippit aneath.

The kenspeckle, if a wee bittie dreich sang o the cock is A little bittie breid an nae cheese.

Its naitural diet conseests o insects whan its feedin its gorblins, an seeds at ither times. It maks its nest on the grund. 3-6 eggs is cleckit, wi the hair-like merks that maist buntins' eggs haes.


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