BirdLife International

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BirdLife International
HeidquartersCambridge, Unitit Kinrick
Peter Schei
Chief Executive
Marco Lambertini

BirdLife International is a global pairtnership o conservation organisations that strives tae conserve birds, thair habitats an global biodiversity, wirkin wi fowk taewards sustainability in the uise o naitural resoorces. It is the Warld's lairgest pairtnership o conservation organisations, wi ower 100 pairtner organisations includin the RSPB, the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society, National Audubon Society, Bombay Natural History Society, Birds Australia, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, Nature Seychelles, Malaysian Nature Society, an BirdWatch Ireland. Thegither the BirdLife Pairtnership furms the leadin authority on the status o birds, thair habitats an the issues an problems affectin bird life.