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Birth nameYasmin M. Evans[1]
Born (1960-05-19) 19 Mey 1960 (age 64)
Shepherd's Bush, Lunnon, Ingland
GenresDance, funk, Christian
ThriftMuisicker, model
Years active1988–present
LabelsBig Life, Polydor, eastwest, Elevation

Yazz (born Yasmin Evans, 19 Mey 1960, Shepherd's Bush, Lunnon) is a Breetish pop sangster, who remains best kent for her successful 1988 dance track, "The Only Way Is Up". Some o her records wur creditit tae Yazz & The Plastic Population.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Yazz attendit Holland Park School where she excelled at sports includin the 400 metres an she wis a member o the Ingland under-19s volleybaa team. Efter a spell as a catwalk model, she scored a nummer o club hits efter recordin wi the group, Biz, in 1983. Her first commercial success came in early 1988, when she supplee'd the vocals on Coldcut's "Doctorin' the House".[2] She suin launched a solo career on Big Life records, a label set up bi her futur husband Jazz Summers, releasin her debut single "The Only Way Is Up" in the summer of 1988. It went on to spend five weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart,[2] eventually becomin the biggest sellin UK single o the year. Suddenly ane o Breetain's biggest pop acts, her follae-up wis anither big hit ("Stand Up for Your Love Rights", UK number 2), whilst her debut album Wanted went Top Ten.[2]

She continued tae hae hits intae 1989 (an haed her last Top Ten hit wi the nummer 9 hit "Fine Time") but haes syne recordit anerlie sporadically, releasin ane single durin 1990 an anither in 1992. Her last Top 20 single wis 1990's "Treat Me Good", which made nummer 20 in the UK.[2] She returned tae the chairts in 1993, performin wi Aswad on the Top 40 hit "How Long". She continued tae release singles throuoot the 1990s, includin a cover version o The Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye". In 1997 she recordit the album Natural Life, which wis anerlie released in some pairts o Europe an Asie.

It wis durin this period that she began tae reevaluate her career choices an durin a interview admittit that she no anerly wantit tae give up her secular lifestyle which includit her failed marriage tae Summers (whose union resultit in a dochter, Rio, born 1990), but her dependency on drinkin an aw. Efter researchin various releegions, a friend who ance wirkit wi her as a hairstylist suggestit tae her that she try visitin her kirk, whaur frae thare that she decidit tae turn her life ower tae Christ.[3]

Her 2008 album Running Back to You, distributit in the UK bi ICC Records, chairtit her spiritual journey an her new-foond Christian faith. Yazz is nou based in Spain,[4] an is an active member o the Calahonda Baptist Kirk. Yazz returns tae Breetain occasionally tae promote this album, performin sangs frae it live interspersed wi several anecdotes pertainin tae her faith.

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Wanted 1988
  • The Wanted Remixes 1989
  • One on One 1994
  • Natural Life 1997
  • At Her Very Best 2001
  • Running Back to You 2008

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