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Willis Lamb
Willis Lamb 1955.jpg
Born Willis Eugene Lamb Jr.
12 Julie 1913(1913-07-12)
Los Angeles, Californie, U.S.
Died 15 Mey 2008(2008-05-15) (aged 94)
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.
Naitionality Unitit States
Alma mater Varsity o Californie, Berkeley
Kent for Lamb shift
Laser Theory
Quantum Optics
Awairds Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1955)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Varsity o Arizona
Varsity o Oxford
Doctoral advisor J. Robert Oppenheimer
Doctoral students Bernard Feld (1945)
Norman Kroll (1948)
Theodore Maiman (1955)
Marlan Scully (1966)
Balázs László Győrffy (1966)
Frederick Hopf
Murray Sargent III
Stanley L. Kaufman
David Mader
Ralph Jacobs

Willis Eugene Lamb Jr. (Julie 12, 1913 – Mey 15, 2008) wis an American pheesicist wha wan the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1955 "for his discoveries concernin the fine structur o the hydrogen spectrum."