William Lawrence Bragg

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Nobel prize medal.svg Sir
William Bragg
William L. Bragg in 1915
Born William Lawrence Bragg
31 Mairch 1890(1890-03-31)
Adelaide, Sooth Australie
Died 1 Julie 1971(1971-07-01) (aged 81)
Waldringfield, Ipswich, Suffolk, Ingland
Naitionality Breetish
Fields Pheesics
Eddication St Peter's College, Adelaide
Alma mater
Academic advisors
Doctoral students
Kent for X-ray diffraction
Bragg's law
Notable awairds
He wis the son o W.H. Bragg. Note that the PhD did nae exist at Cambridge till 1919, an sae J. J. Thomson an W.H. Bragg war his equivalent mentors.

Sir William Lawrence Bragg CH, OBE, MC, FRS[2] (31 Mairch 1890 – 1 Julie 1971) wis an Australie-born Breetish pheesicist an X-ray crystallografer, discoverer (1912) o Bragg's law o X-ray diffraction, which is basic for the determination o crystal structur. He wis jynt winner (wi his faither, William Henry Bragg) o the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1915: "For thair services in the analysis o creestal structur bi means o X-ray",[3] an important step in the development o X-ray crystallografie.

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