Varsity o Manchester

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The Varsity o Manchester
MottoLaitin: Cognitio, sapientia, humanitas
Established2004 - Varsity o Manchester
Predecessor institutions:
1956 – UMIST
1904 – Victoria Varsity o Manchester
1880 – Victoria Varsity
1851 – Owens College
1824 – Manchester Mechanics' Institute
Endowment£188.9 million (as o 31 Julie 2015)[1]
ChancellorLemn Sissay MBE[2]
PresesDame Nancy Rothwell[3]
Academic staff
Students40,485 (2019/20)[5]
Unnergraduates26,630 (2019/20)[5]
Postgraduates13,855 (2019/20)[5]
LocationManchester, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick
CampusUrban an Suburban
Nobel Laureates25[6]
ColoursBlue, gowd, purpie
AffiliationsVarsities Research Association
Russell Group
N8 Group

The Varsity o Manchester (UoM) is a public research varsity in the ceety o Manchester, Ingland, formed in 2004 bi the merger o the Varsity o Manchester Institute o Science an Technology (est. 1956)[7] which haed its ultimate origins in the Mechanics' Institute established in the ceety in 1824 an the Victoria Varsity o Manchester foondit bi charter in 1904 efter the dissolution o the federal Victoria Varsity (which an aa haed members in Leeds an Liverpool), but oreeginatin in Owens College, foondit in Manchester in 1851.[8]

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Varsity o Manchester
Main building, UMIST

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