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William Henry Bragg

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Sir William Henry Bragg

Born2 Julie 1862(1862-07-02)
Wigton, Cumberland, Ingland
Dee'd12 Mairch 1942(1942-03-12) (aged 79)
Lunnon, Ingland
Alma materTrinity College, Cambridge
Kent forX-ray diffraction
Bragg Curve
AwairdsNobel Prize in Pheesics (1915)
Barnard Medal (1915)
Matteucci Medal (1915)
Rumford Medal (1916)
Copley Medal (1930)
Faraday Medal (1936)
John J. Carty Awaird (1939)
Scientific career
InstitutionsVarsity o Adelaide
Varsity o Leeds
University College London
Royal Institution
Academic advisorsJ. J. Thomson
Notable studentsW. L. Bragg
Kathleen Lonsdale
William Thomas Astbury
John Desmond Bernal
John Burton Cleland
He is the faither o William Lawrence Bragg. Faither an son jyntly wan the Nobel Prize.

Sir William Henry Bragg OM KBE PRS[1] (2 Julie 1862 – 12 Mairch 1942) wis a Breetish pheesicist, chemist, mathematician an active sportsman wha uniquely[2] shared a Nobel Prize wi his son William Lawrence Bragg – the 1915 Nobel Prize in Pheesics: "for thair services in the analysis o creestal structur bi means o X-rays".[3] The mineral Braggite is named efter him an his son. He wis knichtit in 1920.

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  2. This is still a unique accomplishment, acause na ither parent-bairn combination haes yet shared a Nobel Prize (in ony field). In several cases, a parent haes wan a Nobel Prize, an then years later, the bairn haes wan the Nobel Prize for separate resairch. An example o this is with Marie Curie an her dauchter Irène Joliot-Curie, wha are the anly mither-dauchter pair. Several faither-son pairs hae wan twa separate Nobel Prizes.
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