Wilhelm Eduard Weber

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Wilhelm Weber
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Born Wilhelm Eduard Weber
24 October 1804(1804-10-24)
Wittenberg, Saxony, Haly Roman Empire
Died 23 Juin 1891(1891-06-23) (aged 86)
Göttingen, Hanover, Proushie
Naitionality Germany
Alma mater Varsity o Halle
Varsity o Göttingen
Kent for First uise o c for speed o licht
Wirk on magnetism
Awairds Copley Medal (1859)
Matteucci Medal (1879)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Varsity o Göttingen
Varsity o Halle
Varsity o Leipzig
Doctoral advisor Johann Salomo Christoph Schweigger
Doctoral students Ernst Abbe
Friedrich Kohlrausch
Eduard Riecke
Ither notable students Gottlob Frege
Arthur Schuster
Signatur Wilhelm Eduard Weber sig.jpg
The SI unit o magnetic flux is named efter him. He wis the brither o Ernst Heinrich Weber an Eduard Friedrich Weber. His faither wis Michael Weber.

Wilhelm Eduard Weber (German: [ˈveːbɐ]; 24 October 1804 – 23 Juin 1891) wis a German pheesicist an, thegither wi Carl Friedrich Gauss, inventor o the first electromagnetic telegraph.