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Leipzig Varsity

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(Reguidit frae Varsity o Leipzig)
Leipzig Varsity
Universität Leipzig
Laitin: Alma mater Lipsiensis
MottoAus Tradition Grenzen überschreiten - Crossing Boundaries out of Tradition
EstablishedDecember 2, 1409
PresesBeate Schücking
Admeenistrative staff
3,246 (2010)[1]
Students28,125 (winter 2011/12)[1]
LocationLeipzig, Saxony, Germany
Leipzig University Logo.jpg

Leipzig Varsity (German: Universität Leipzig), locatit in Leipzig in the Free State o Saxony, Germany, is ane o the auldest varsities in the warld an the seicont-auldest varsity (bi consecutive years o existence) in Germany.


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Coordinates: 51°20′20″N 12°22′44″E / 51.339°N 12.379°E / 51.339; 12.379