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This owerture will bi written in braken Scots (mastly Inglis - especially bi the end) faer aw purposes. Sorry faer gibberish.

I propone the creation o a new namespace, the Define namespace wi its associatit tauk namespace. This namespace will act lyke a Scots Wiktionar, but it will be hostit here on Scots Wikipedie.

Ither wikis[eedit soorce]

A few ither wikis do something similar til this.

Appendix namespace

Spanish Wikipedia ( haes a namespace called Anexo faer leets, indices, an ither things. Ye can read aboot it here.


Accordin tae Meta-Wiki, at least fower Wikipedias host some furm o Wikinews on their main wiki.


I can confirm that at least twa Wikipedias do somethin lyke this: Bavarian Wikipedia an Classical Chinese Wikipedia.

Alternatives[eedit soorce]

We could try tae revive the incubator project. Houaniver, that wad hae some dounsides. (1) It wad split our wiki in twa. Twa sets o admeens, twa watchleets, twa o everythin. (2) Thare is nae guarentee Language committee wad appruive a Scots Wiktionar if we donna hae the activity tae promuive it as its awn wiki.

Well, I believe Scots Wikipedia should be on the forefront of Wikimedia innovation. A lot of smaller language Wikipedias just go without being able to translate words systematically, so their Wikipedia project suffers for it. We already have Portal:Scots on English Wikisource, so we have no need for our own Wikisoorce. exists to promote the Scots language, and we really can't do that well without a good dictionary. –MJLTauk 22:35, 22 Dizember 2019 (UTC)