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Wiktionary logoWiktionar logo
Detail o the Wiktionar main page. Aw major wiktionaries are leetit bi nummer o airticles.
Screenshot o wiktionary.org home page
Wab address http://www.wiktionary.org
Slogan The Free Dictionar
Commercial? No
Type o steid
Online dictionar
Registration Optional
Available in Multi-lingual (ower 170)
Ainer Wikimedia Foundation
Creatit bi Jimmy Wales an the Wikimedia commonty
Launched December 12, 2002
Alexa rank
negative increase 614 (Aprile 2014)[1]
Current status active

Wiktionar (a blend o the wirds wiki an dictionar) is a multilingual, wab-based project tae create a free content dictionar o aw wirds in aw leids.

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