Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston
Houston performin at Welcome Home Heroes with Whitney Houston in 1991
BornWhitney Elizabeth Houston
9 August 1963(1963-08-09)
Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Dee'd11 Februar 2012(2012-02-11) (aged 48)
Beverly Hills, Californie, U.S.
Cause o daith
Drownin due tae drog intoxication
Restin place
Fairview Cemetery
Westfield, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Singer
  • actress
  • film producer
  • record producer
  • model
Hauf-marrae(s)Bobby Brown (m. 1992–2007)
BairnsBobbi Kristina Brown
PawrentsJohn Russell Houston, Jr.
Cissy Houston
Muisical career
  • Vocals
  • piano
Years active1977–2012
Associate acts

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (9 August 1963 – 11 Februar 2012) wis an American sangster an actress. She wis citit as the maist awairdit female airtist o aw time bi Guinness World Records an remeens ane o the best-sellin muisic airtists o aw time wi 200 million records sauld warldwide. Her crossower appeal on the popular muisic chairts—as weel as her prominence on MTV, stairtin wi her video for "How Will I Know"—influenced several female African-American airtists.

Houston begoud singin in kirk as a bairn an becam a backgrund vocalist while in heich schuil. Wi the guidance o Arista Records chairman Clive Davis, she signed tae the label at the age o 19. Her first twa studio albums, Whitney Houston (1985) an Whitney (1987), baith reached nummer ane on the Billboard 200 in the Unitit States, an tae-date are the biggest-sellin first twa albums released o ony artist in history. Tae this day, she is the anerly airtist tae hae seiven consecutive nummer-ane singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chairt, frae "Saving All My Love for You" in 1985 tae "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" in 1988.

Houston made her screen actin debut in the romantic thriller film The Bodyguard (1992). She recordit sax sangs for the film's soondtrack, includin "I Will Always Love You", that received the Grammy Awaird for Record o the Year an becam the best-sellin single bi a wumman in muisic history. The soondtrack album received the Grammy Awaird for Album o the Year; it remeens the best-sellin soondtrack album in history. Houston made ither heich-profile film appearances an contreibutit/produced thair accompanyin soondtracks, includin Waiting to Exhale (1995) an The Preacher's Wife (1996). The Preacher's Wife soondtrack went on tae acome the best-sellin gospel album in history.

Follaein the creetical an commercial success o My Love Is Your Love (1998), Houston signed a $100 million contract wi Arista Records. Houiver, her personal struggles begoud owershaidaein her career, an the album Just Whitney (2002) received mixed reviews. Her drog uise an camsteirie mairiage tae Bobby Brown war widely publicised in media. Efter a sax-year break frae recordin, Houston returned tae the tap o the Billboard 200 chairt wi her feenal studio album, I Look to You (2009).

On 11 Februar 2012, Houston wis foond deid at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Californie. The coroner's report shawed that she haed accidentally drouned in the bathtub, wi hert disease an cocaine uise as contreibutin factors. News o her daith coincidit wi the 2012 Grammy Awairds an wis featurt prominently in internaitional media.

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