West Highland Line

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West Highland Line
A Glasgow - Fort William train climbs onto Rannoch Moor - geograph.org.uk - 676941.jpg
A train to Mallaig crossing Rannoch Moor
Teep Rural Rail[1]
Seestem National Rail
Status Operational
Locale Glasgow
Argyll and Bute
Termini Glasgow Queen Street
Stations 33
Awner Network Rail
Operator(s) Caledonian Sleeper
Abellio ScotRail
West Coast Railways
Rowin stock Class 156 "Super Sprinter"
Caledonian Sleeper stock
Line lenth Glasgow Queen Street to Crianlarich: 59 miles 22 chains (95.4 km)
Crianlarich to Oban: 41 miles 73 chains (67.5 km)
Crianlarich to Mallaig: 103 miles 24 chains (166.2 km)
*Total: 204 miles 39 chains (329.1 km)
Nummer o tracks One
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Operatin speed 70 mph (110 km/h) maximum[1]

The West Highland Line (Scots Gaelic: Rathad Iarainn nan Eilean - "Iron Road to the Isles") is a railwey line linking the ports o Mallaig an Oban in the Scottish Highlands tae Glasgow in Central Scotland. The line wis voted the tap rail journey in the warld bi readers o independent traivel magazine Wanderlust in 2009, ahead o the iconic Trans-Siberian line in Roushie an the Cuzco tae Machu Picchu line in Peru. The ScotRail wabsteid haes syne reportit that the line haes been voted the maist scenic railway line in the warld for the seicont year running.[citation needit]

The West Highland Line is ane o twa railway lines which access the remote and mountainous wast coast o Scotland, the ither bein the Kyle o Lochalsh Line which connects Inverness wi Kyle o Lochalsh. The line is the westernmost railway line in Great Britain.

At least in pairt, the West Highland Line is the same railway line as that referred tae as the West Highland Railway.

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