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(Reguidit frae Mallaig railway station)

Approaching Mallaig harbour on the ferry from the Isle of Skye.
Mallaig is located in Scotland
Location within Scotland
Population797 (2001 Census)[1]
OS grid referenceNM 67693 96810
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounMALLAIG
Postcode destrictPH41
Diallin code01687
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
57°00′14″N 5°49′38″W / 57.003813°N 5.8271730°W / 57.003813; -5.8271730Coordinates: 57°00′14″N 5°49′38″W / 57.003813°N 5.8271730°W / 57.003813; -5.8271730

Mallaig (Scots Gaelic: Malaig Scots Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈmal̪ˠɛkʲ]) is a port in Lochaber, on the wast coast o the Highlands o Scotland. The local railwey station, Mallaig, is the terminus o the West Highland Line (Fort William & Mallaig branch), completit in 1901, an the toun is linked tae Fort William bi the A830 road – the "Road to the Isles".

The veelage o Mallaig wis foondit in the 1840s, when Lord Lovat, ainer o North Morar Estate, dividit up the farm o Mallaigvaig intae seventeen parcels o land and encouraged his tenants tae muive tae the wastren pairt o the peninsula and turn tae fishing as a wey o life. The population and local economy expanded rapidly in the 20t century wi the arrival o the railwey. Ferries operated bi Caledonian MacBrayne and Bruce Watt Sea Cruises sail frae the port tae Armadale on the Isle o Skye, Inverie in Knoydart, an the isles o Rùm, Eigg, Muck, an Canna. Mallaig is the main commercial fishing port on the West Coast o Scotland, an during the 1960s wis the busiest herring port in Europe. Mallaig prided itself at that time on its famous tradeetionally smoked kippers, but the day anly ane traditional smokehouse remains, Jaffy's and Sons. Mallaig an the surroondin area is a popular area for holidays.

The majority o the community speaks Inglis, wi a minority o residents speakin baith Inglis and Gaelic. In addition, traditional Gaelic is still taught in the schuil tae pupils who choose tae learn the leid.

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