Caledonian Sleeper

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Caledonian Sleeper
92038 stabled in centre-roads Euston.jpg
92038 at Euston in April 2015 in Serco midnight teal livery
Franchise(s)Pairt o ScotRail (National Express) 31 Mairch 1997 - 16 October 2004
Pairt o First ScotRail 17 October 2004 - 30 Mairch 2015
Staundalane franchise operatit bi Serco (31 Mairch 2015 - 31 Mairch 2030)
Main region(s)West Coast Main Line
Edinburgh to Aberdeen Line
Highland Main Line
West Highland Line
Fleet size22 × Mark 2, 53 × Mark 3
Stations cried at46
Paurent companySerco

Caledonian Sleeper is the collective name for owernicht sleeper train services atween Lunnon an Scotland, in the Unitit Kinrick.