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(Reguidit frae First ScotRail)
Train heidin for Mallaig at Loch Eil railwey station
Main region(s)Scotland
Paurent companyAbellio

ScotRail rins aw hamelt railwey onwaitins in Scotland, an the ower-Mairch Caledonian Sleeper onwaitin tae Lunnon an aw.

On 17t October, 2004, First teuk ower the onwaitin fae National Express, the first tid the franchise haen tae be renegotiatit syne the quatein o British Rail.

Netwirk[eedit | eedit soorce]

The hail o the netwirk is 2,729 km (1,696 miles), an it haunled 66.1 million vaiges in 2003-4.

The densest pairt o the netwirk is the suburban ane roond aboot Glesca wi 183 stances - the seicont muckle maist suburban rail netwirk in the Unitit Kinrick efter Lunnon. Maist o it os 25kV AC electrick. Glesca's main stances are Central and Queen Street. Awtho ScotRail operate trains in this airt, they dae sae ablo the cry o Strathclyde Passenger Transport, wha mak the tid-brods.

Edinburgh's netwirk is weer than Glesca's but is yit extensive - main stance is Waverley Station.

Express services gang atween Edinburgh, Glesca, Innerness an Aiberdeen.

Landwart lines include the West Highland, Kyle an Faur North Lines.

Maist o Scotland's 340 stances are operatit fae First ScotRail wi Network Rail haein aucht - the exception bein Prestwick International Airport (Prestwick International Airport), Dunbar (GNER), Edinburgh Waverley an Glesca Central (baith Network Rail).

Fleet[eedit | eedit soorce]

British Rail Class 380 at Glesga Central station

The present diesel fleet is comprised o a munge o Breetish Rail Cless 156 Sprinter an Breetish Rail Cless 158 Express Sprinter units, that wis gat throu the Breetish Rail era, an Breetish Rail Cless 170 Turbostar sets gat efter privatisation.

The praisent electrick fleet includes Breetish Rail Cless 314, Breetish Rail Cless 318, Breetish Rail Cless 320, Breetish Rail Cless 322 an Breetish Rail Cless 334 units.

The Scotland-Euston owernicht services are comprised o ex-InterCity, Breetish Rail Merk 2 an Breetish Rail Merk 3|Merk coaches, that are hauled by EWS locomotives.

Throu 2005, the Edinburgh-North Berwick line wis operated by EWS-Breetish Rail Cless 90 electrick locomotives wi umwhile Virgin Trains Merk 3 coaches. In ahint 2005, Breetish Rail Cless 322 units wis reintroduced ontae the line. A refurbishment programme is takkin place for thae units. It is confeered bad uise o resources tae uiss diesel trains oan a fu'y electric line.

Performance ahint the haund 2004[eedit | eedit soorce]

The performance feegurs for National Express’s hint raith as franchise hauders, Julie tae September 2004, are:

  • 82.8% o trains winnin til inouth 5 meenits o the scheduled tid. Doon 4.2% on the same raith the fernyear.
  • 84.2% o trains winnin til inouth 5 meenits o the scheduled tid. Doon 1.0% on the fernyear as a hail

The performance feegurs for First Group’s foremaist raith as franchise hauders, October to Dizember 2004, are:

  • 79.8% o trains winnin til inouth 5 meenits o the scheduled tid. Doon 1.9% on the same raith the fernyear
  • 83.7% o trains winnin til inouth 5 meenits o the scheduled tid. Doon 0.5% on the fernyear as a hail.