Wendell Meredith Stanley

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Wendell Meredith Stanley
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Born Wendell Meredith Stanley
16 August 1904(1904-08-16)
Ridgeville, Indiana
Died 15 Juin 1971(1971-06-15) (aged 66)
Salamanca, Spain
Naitionality American
Alma mater Earlham College
Varsity o Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Kent for Purification o enzymes an viral proteins
Scientific career
Fields Biochemistry
Institutions Rockefeller Institute
Varsity o Californie, Berkeley

Wendell Meredith Stanley (16 August 1904 – 15 Juin 1971) wis an American biochemist. He wis a member o the National Research Cooncil o the United States, an he moved tae Munich tae carry oot research wark wi Heinrich Otto Wieland, but he returned tae the United States in 1931. In 1946, Stanley wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry alang wi John Howard Northrop an James Batcheller Sumner.