James Batcheller Sumner

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James Batcheller Summer
James Batcheller Sumner.jpg
Born James Batcheller Summer
19 November 1887(1887-11-19)
Canton, Massachusetts
Died 12 August 1955(1955-08-12) (aged 67)
Buffalo, New York
Naitionality American
Alma mater Harvard Varsity
Kent for prove that the enzymes are proteins
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry
Institutions Cornell Varsity

James Batcheller Sumner (19 November 1887 – 12 August 1955) wis an American chemist. He discovered that the enzymes can be crystallized an he wis the first scientist wha proved that the enzymes are proteins. In 1946, Summer wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry alang wi John Howard Northrop an Wendell Meredith Stanley.