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Welcome to Hell

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Welcome to Hell
Studio album by Venom
ReleasedDecember 1981 (UK)
RecorditAugust 1981 at Impulse Studios
in Newcastle, Ingland
GenreSpeed metal, proto-thrash
ProducerKeith Nichol an Venom
Venom chronology
Welcome to Hell
Black Metal
(1982)Black Metal1982
Profeesional ratins
Review scores
Springheid Ratin
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Welcome to Hell is the 1981 debut album bi the Inglis hivy metal baund Venom. The soond o the album wis vera noisy an rough, aiblins in pairt acause the baund thocht thay wur recordin a demo when thay recordit the album ower a period o anerlie three days. Geoff Barton statit in his 1981 five-starn review o Welcome to Hell the album haed "the hi-fi dynamics o a 50-year-auld pizza" an it "brought a new meaning tae the wird 'cataclysmic'". Housomeivver, thae comments compared it tae ither hivy metal frae the early aichties.

The album is aften describit as "speed metal", awtho it haed a great influence on the then-emerging thrash metal style.

The first vinyl pressin includit a poster an a pink leerics sheet.

Track leetin

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Aw tracks written bi Bray/Dunn/Lant.

Side A
1."Sons of Satan"3:38
2."Welcome to Hell"3:15
3."Mayhem With Mercy"0:58
5."Live Like an Angel"3:59
Side B
1."Witching Hour"3:40
2."One Thousand Days in Sodom"4:36
3."Angel Dust"2:43
4."In League With Satan"3:35
5."Red Light Fever"5:14
1."Sons of Satan"3:38
2."Welcome to Hell"3:15
4."Mayhem With Mercy"0:58
6."Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)"3:59
7."Witching Hour"3:40
8."One Thousand Days in Sodom"4:36
9."Angel Dust"2:43
10."In League With Satan"3:35
11."Red Light Fever"5:14
Bonus tracks in 1985 rerelease bi Combat
12."In Nomine Satanas"3:28
13."Bursting Out"2:56
Bonus tracks in 2002 rerelease bi Castle/Sanctuary
12."Angel Dust (Lead Weight version)"3:03
13."In League With Satan (7" version)"3:31
14."Live Like an Angel (7" version)"3:54
15."Bloodlust (7" version)"2:59
16."In Nomine Satanas (7" version)"3:29
17."Angel Dust (Demo)"3:10
18."Raise the Dead (Demo)"3:29
19."Red Light Fever (Demo)"4:51
20."Welcome to Hell (Demo)"4:57
21."Bitch Witch (Oottak)"3:08
22."Snots Shit (Oottak)"2:06

Comes wi a 12- page beuklet. Some versions hae slipcase kiver.


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  1. Rivadavia, Eduardo. "Welcome to Hell - Venom". Allmusic. "Make no mistake: Welcome to Hell, more than any other album, crystallized the elements of what later became known as thrash, death, black, and virtually every other form of extreme metal".