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War in Darfur

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War in Darfur
Pairt o the Sudanese Ceevil Wars

A group o pro-govrenment militia in Darfur
Date26 Februar 2003 – 31 August 2020[5]
LocationDarfur in Sudan

Sudan JEM factions
SLM (Minnawi faction)
Sudan LJM

Allegedly supportit bi:
Pro-govrenment forces
Sudan Janjaweed
Sudan Sudanese airmy & mercenaries
Sudan Sudanese Police
African Union
 United Nations
Commanders an leaders
Sudan Khalil Ibrahim 
Sudan Ahmed Diraige
Minni Minnawi
Sudan Abdul Wahid al Nur
Sudan Omar al-Bashir
Sudan Musa Hilal
Sudan Hamid Dawai
Sudan Ali Kushayb
Sudan Ahmed Haroun[6]
Rodolphe Adada
Unitit Naitions Martin Luther Agwai
NRF/JEM: Unkent N/A 9,065
Casualties an losses


51 peacekeepers killed
178,258–461,520 excess daiths,[11] 2,850,000 displaced (UN estimate), 450,000 displaced (Sudanese estimate)

The War in Darfur[12][13] wis a major airmed onslaught in the Darfur region o Sudan.

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