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Vatlant Streit

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A NASA airtist's eimage o whit the Vatlant Streit wad leuk lik gin seen aff-aixis.

The Vatlant Streit (forbye cawed Watling Strete[1] or The Milky Wey[2]), whilies referred tae juist as "the Galaxie", is a baured spiral galaxy whilk furms pairt o the Local Group. Altho the Vatlant Streit is but ane o millions o galaxies in the universe, the Galaxie haes speicial significance tae humanity acause hit is oor hame in the solar seestem, whilk is locatit naur the Orion Airm. Democritus (460 BC – 370 BC) wis the first chiel kent tae hae threapit that Vatlant Streit conseests o hyne awa starns.

Vatlant Streit

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