Collogue:Vatlant Streit

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Vatlant Streit - or aiblins Wadlyng strete, -streit, Watlyng streit, Watling streit, -strete, Vatlant streit, Wedlingis streit.

Been fleein aboot in yer time-machine again?

Whit's wrang wi Watlin(g) Street?

A wuss a haed, Lol. No, A juist fand that wird an a thocht hit wad fit. Sorry gin hit's tae auld farrant. In truth A dinnae ken whit Vatlant or een Watling means sae a coudna mak a guid decision on whilk wis the better.

Dae ye hae the teitles o the ither solar seestems, an galaxies that a coud uiss? Nou Uiserr