Vasco da Gama

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Vasco da Gama (1469? − 24 December 1524) wis a Portuguese sailor. He wis the first European that gaed ti Indie aboot the Cape o Guid Howp, the sooth tip o Africae. He gaed ti Indie twice bi ship, atween 1497 an 1499.

On 8 Julie 1497, fower ships (the São Gabriel, the São Rafael, the Berrio, an a bairge that's name isna kent) sailed frae Lisbon an his first trip ti Indie stairtit. Afore him naebodie haed raxed Sooth Africae. Wi Christenmas near, thay gied the coast thay war passin the name o Natal (Christenmas in Portuguese), that it aye haes til this day. Bi Januar thay haed raxed the laund nou kent as Mozambique, Arab-controlled laund on the East Africae coast that wis pairt o the Indie Ocean's netwark o troke. Haein gotten that faur, da Gama coud uise a pilot at Malindi, that brocht the expedeetion the lave o the gate ti Calicut (the Malayalam name is Kozhikode) on the soothwast coast o Indie on 20 Mey 1498. He wun back ti Portugal in September 1499.