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Coordinates: 38°02′06″N 78°30′18″W / 38.035°N 78.505°W / 38.035; -78.505

Varsity o Virginie
University of Virginia seal.svg
Teep Public, Flagship
Established 1819
Academic affiliations
Endowment $8.621 billion (2016)[1]
Budget $1.39 billion[2]
Preses James E. Ryan
Academic staff
Students 24,360[3]
Unnergraduates 16,655[3]
Postgraduates 7,705[3]
Location Charlottesville, Virginie, Unitit States
Campus Smaw ceety (Rural/Suburban)
1,682 acres (6.81 km2)
Warld Heritage Steid
Colours Orange an Blue[4]
Nickname Cavaliers
Sporting affiliations
NCAA Diveesion IACC
Mascot Cavalier
University of Virginia Rotunda logo.svg  University of Virginia logo.svg
Offeecial name Monticello an the Varsity o Virginie in Charlottesville
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, iv, vi
Designatit 1987 (11t session)
Reference no. 442
Region Europe an North Americae

The Varsity o Virginie (Inglis: University of Virginia; U.Va. or UVA) is a public resairch varsity an the flagship for the Commonweel o Virginie.

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