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Valentina Vezzali
Valentina vezzali.jpg
Personal information
Full name Maria Valentina Vezzali[1]
Nickname(s) Cobra
Kintra representit Italy Italy
Born (1974-02-14) 14 Februar 1974 (age 45)
Iesi, Italy
Wappen(s) Foil
Haund richt-haundit
Hicht 1.64 m (5 ft 5 in)
Wecht 53 kg (117 lb)
Naitional coach(es) Andrea Cipressa
Club G.S. Fiamme Oro
FIE rankin rankings

Valentina Vezzali
Member o the Italian Chamber o Deputies[1]
Assumed office
19 Mairch 2013[1]
Personal details
Born 14 Februar 1974
Iesi, Marche, Italy
Naitionality Italian
Poleetical pairty Scelta Civica[1]
Spoose(s) Domenico Giugliano
Bairns 2
Profession Agent o the Polizia di Stato[1]

Valentina Vezzali (Italian pronunciation: [valenˈtina vetˈtsali]; born 14 Februar 1974)[1] is an Italian fencer an politeecian. As fencer she haes won sax Olympic gowd medals in foil competeetions.[2][3]

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