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United Airlines, Inc.
United Airlines Logo.svg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Foondit6 Apryle 1926 (6 Apryle 1926) (as Varney Air Lines)[1]
Commenced operations30 Juin 1927 (as Boeing Air Transport)[2]
28 Mairch 1931 as (United Air Lines)
Focus ceetiesCleveland Hopkins Internaitional Airport[3]
Frequent-fleer programMileagePlus
AllianceStar Alliance
Fleet size709 (mainline anerly)
Destinations373 (mainline an regional)
Company sloganFly the Friendly Skies
Parent companyUnited Continental Holdings, Inc.
HeidquartersChicago, Illinois, U.S.
Key fowk
RevenueDecrease US$ 36.556 billion (2016)[6]
Operatin incomeDecrease US$ 4.338 billion (2016)
Net incomeDecrease US$ 2.263 billion (2016)
Tot assetsIncrease US$ 39.210 billion (2015)
Tot equityDecrease US$ 2.396 billion (2015)

United Airlines, Inc. (commonly referred tae simply as "United") is an American major airline heidquairtered in Chicago, Illinois.[7][8] United is a wholly awned subsidiar o United Continental Holdings follaein a $3 billion merger in 2010.[9] The airline wis previously awned, at ane point in its history, bi The Boeing Company, ane o the warld's lairgest aircraft manufacturers.

United operates oot o nine airline hubs in the continental Unitit States, Guam, an Japan.[10] George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is United's lairgest passenger carryin hub handlin 16.6 million passengers annually wi a average o 45,413 passengers daily,[11] while Chicago-O'Hare is its lairgest hub in terms o daily depairtures. The company employs ower 88,500 fowk while maintainin its heidquairters in Chicago's Willis Tower (umwhile kent as Sears Tower).[12] Throu the airline's parent company, United Continental Holdings, it is publicly tradit unner NYSEUAL wi a mercat capitalization o ower $10.5 billion as o October, 2013.[13]

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