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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein, 1947 (ag 69)
Born14 Mairch 1879(1879-03-14)
Ulm, Germany
Dee'd18 Apryle 1955(1955-04-18) (aged 76)
Princeton, New Jersey

Albert Einstein (pronounced /ˈælbərt ˈaɪnstaɪn/ (deprecatit template); German: [ˈalbɐt ˈaɪnʃtaɪn] ( listen); 14 Mairch 1879 – 18 Aprile 1955) wis a German theoretical pheesicist, philosopher an author who is widely regardit as ane o the maist influential an best kent scientists an intellectuals o aw time. A Nobel laureate, Einstein is aften regarded as the faither o modern pheesics.[1] He goat the 1921 Nobel Prize in Pheesics "for his services tae theoretical physics, an especially for his discovery o the law o the photoelectric effect".[2]

Einstein is gey weel kent for his theories aboot licht, maiter, gravity, space, an time, that helpit scientists ti unnerstaund thir things better nor they haed afore. Thir theories is cried the theory o special relativity an the theory o general relativity.

He wis a socialist an aa, an a muckle supporter o the Ceevil Richts Muivement o the Unitit States.

Height[eedit | eedit soorce]

He was 69 inches (5 ft. 9) tall.

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