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Narrae coortyard atween palace's twa weengs wi view toward the Arno.
LocationPiazzale degli Uffizi,
50122 Florence, Italy
TeepAirt museum, Design/Textile Museum, Historic steid
Veesitors1.9 million (2013)[1]
Ranked 25t globally (2013)[1]

The Uffizi Gallery (Italian: 'Galleria degli Uffizi', pronounced [ɡalleˈriːa deʎʎ ufˈfittsi]) is a prominent airt museum locatit adjacent tae the Piazza della Signoria in central Florence, region o Tuscany, Italy.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 43°46′07″N 11°15′19″E / 43.768639°N 11.255214°E / 43.768639; 11.255214