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Troms fylke

Romssa fylka
Coat of airms o Troms fylke
Coat airms
Troms athin Norawa
Troms athin Norawa
Coonty IDNO-19
Offeecial leid formNeutral
Admeenistrative centreTromsø
 • GovrenorSvein Ludvigsen
 • Coonty mayorTerje Olsen
(#4 in Norawa, 8.18% o Norawa's land aurie)
 • Total25877 km2 (9,991 sq mi)
 • Laund24884 km2 (9,608 sq mi)
 • Total155,061
 • Density6/km2 (20/sq mi)
 • Chynge (10 years)
2.0 %
 • Rank in Norawa
15 (3.33% of country)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02 (CEST)
Income (per caipita)133,300 NOK
GDP (per caipita)211,955 NOK (2001)
Naitional Rank:15 (2.11% o kintra)

Aboot this soondTroms  or Romsa (Sami leid) is a coonty in North Norawa, borderin Finnmark tae the northeast an Nordland in the soothwast. To the sooth is Norrbotten Län in Swaden an further sootheast is a shorter border wi the region o Lapland in Finland. Tae the wast is the Norse Sea (Atlantic Ocean). The entire coonty, which wis established in 1866, is locatit north o the Airctic circle.

General information[eedit | eedit soorce]

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

Until 1919 the coonty wis umwhile kent as Tromsø amt. On 1 Julie 2006, the Northren Sami name for the coonty, Romsa, wis grantit offeecial status alang wi Troms.[1]

The coonty (an the ceety o Tromsø) is namit efter the island Tromsøya on which it is locatit (Auld Norse Trums). Several theories exist as tae the etymology o Troms. Ane theory haulds "Troms-" tae derive frae the auld (uncompundit) name o the island (Auld Norse: Trums). Several islands an rivers in Norawa hae the name Tromsa, an the names o these are probably derivit frae the wird straumr which means "(strang) stream". (The oreeginal form must then hae been Strums, for the missin s see Indo-European s-mobile.) Anither theory haulds that Tromsøya wis oreeginally cried Lille Tromsøya (Little Tromsøya), acause o its proximity tae the hintle bigger island the day cried Kvaløya, that accordin tae this theory wis earlier cried "Store Tromsøya" due tae a characteristic muntain kent as Tromma (the Drum). The muntain's name in Sámi, Rumbbučohkka, is identical in meanin, an it is said tae hae been a sacred muntain for the Sámi in pre-Christian times.

The Sámi name o the island, Romsa, is assumit tae be a loan frae Norse - but accordin tae the phonetical rules o the Sami leid the frontal t haes disappeared frae the name. Housomeivver, an alternative form - Tromsa - is in informal uise. There is a theory that haulds the Norse name o Tromsø derives frae the Sámi name, though this theory lacks an explanation for the meanin o Romsa. A common misunnerstaundin is that Tromsø's Sámi name is Romssa wi a double "s". This, housomeivver, is the accusative an genitive form o the noun uised when, for example, writin "Tromsø Municipality" (Romssa Suohkan).

Coat o airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

The coat o airms o Troms wis made bi Hallvard Trætteberg (1898–1987), an adoptit bi ryal resolution on 15 Januar 1960. The offeecial blazon in Norse ("På rød bunn en gull griff") translates tae "On a field Gules a griffin [segreant] Or."[2] Trætteberg chose tae hae the griffin as chairge acause that animal wis the seembol o the mighty clan o Bjarne Erlingsson on Bjarkøy in the 13t century.[3]

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kven residents o Troms are lairgely descendants o Finnish immigrants who arrivit in the aurie afore the 19t century frae Finland acause o war an faimin. They settled mainly in the northeastren pairt o Troms, in the municipalities o Kvænangen, Nordreisa, Skjervøy, Gáivuotna - Kåfjord an Storfjord, an some an aw reached Balsfjord an Lyngen.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Troms coonty currently haes a total o 25 municipalities:

Municipalities o Troms
  1. Balsfjord
  2. Bardu
  3. Berg
  4. Bjarkøy
  5. Dyrøy
  6. Gratangen
  7. Harstad
  8. Ibestad
  9. Gáivuotna - Kåfjord
  10. Karlsøy
  11. Kvæfjord
  12. Kvænangen
  13. Lavangen
  1. Lenvik
  2. Lyngen
  3. Målselv
  4. Nordreisa
  5. Salangen
  6. Skånland
  7. Skjervøy
  8. Sørreisa
  9. Storfjord
  10. Torsken
  11. Tranøy
  12. Tromsø

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