Sami leids

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Native taeFinland, Norawa, Roushie, and Swaden
EthnicitySami people
Native speakers
(30,000 citit 1992–2013)[1]
  • Sami
Early form
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
Swaden an some pairts o Norawa; recognized as a minority leid in mony municipalities o Finland.
Leid codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
sma – Southern
sju – Ume
sje – Pite
smj – Lule
sme – Northern
sjk – Kemi
smn – Inari
sms – Skolt
sia – Akkala
sjd – Kildin
sjt – Ter
Historically verified distribution o the Sami leids: 1. Soothren Sami, 2. Ume Sami, 3. Pite Sami, 4. Lule Sami, 5. Northren Sami, 6. Skolt Sami, 7. Inari Sami, 8. Kildin Sami, 9. Ter Sami. Darkened aurie represents municipalities that recognise Sami as an offeecial leid.

Sami is a group o Uralic leids spoken bi the Sami fowk in Northren Europe (in pairts o northern Finland, Norawa, Swaden an extreme nor'wastren Roushie). Thare are, dependin on the naitur an terms o diveesion, ten or mair Sami leids. Several names are uised fur the Sami leids: Saami, Sámi, Saame, Samic, Saamic, as weel as the exonyms Lappish an Lappic. The last twa, alang wi the term Lapp, are the noo eften conseedert derogatory.[3]

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