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Nord-Trøndelag fylke
Coat o airms o Nord-Trøndelag fylke
Coat o airms
Nord-Trøndelag athin Norawa
Nord-Trøndelag athin Norawa
Kintra Norawa
Coonty Nord-Trøndelag
Region Trøndelag
Coonty ID NO-17
Offeecial leid form Neutral
Demonym Nord-Trønder
Admeenistrative centre Steinkjer
 • Govrenor Inge Ryan
  Socialist Left
 • Coonty mayor Gunnar Viken
Aurie(#6 in Norawa, 6.83% o Norawa's land aurie)
 • Total 22,412 km2 (8,653 sq mi)
 • Laund 20,777 km2 (8,022 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 131,555
 • Density 6/km2 (20/sq mi)
 • Chynge (10 years) 3.5 %
 • Rank in Norawa 16 (2.80% of country)
Time zone CET (UTC+01)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+02)
Income (per caipita) 122,100 NOK
GDP (per caipita) 194,803 NOK (2001)
Naitional Rank: 17 (1.63% o kintra)
Data frae Statistics Norway

Aboot this soondNord-Trøndelag  ("North Trøndelag") is a coonty constitutin the northren pairt o Trøndelag in Norawa. As o 2010, the coonty haed 131,555 indwallers, makkin it the kintra's fowert-least populatit coonty. The lairgest municipalities are Stjørdal, Steinkjer—the coonty seat, Levanger, Namsos an Verdal, aw wi atween 21,000 an 12,000 indwallers. The economy is primarily centred aroond services, awtho thare are significant industries in agricultur, fisheries, hydroelectricity an forestry. It haes the lawest gross domestic product per caipita o ony coonty in the kintra.

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