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Aboot this soondStjørdal  is a municipality in Nord-Trøndelag coonty, Norawa. It is pairt o the Stjørdalen region. The admeenistrative centre o the municipality is the ceety o Stjørdal.

Stjørdal wis establisht as a municipality on 1 Januar 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). Stjørdal wis dividit intae Øvre Stjørdal an Nedre Stjørdal on 1 Januar 1850. Later, Øvre Stjørdal wis dividit intae Hegra an Meråker on 1 Januar 1874 an Nedre Stjørdal wis dividit intae Lånke, Skatval, an (lesser) Stjørdal on 1 Januar 1902. Aw o thir municipalities (except for Meråker) wur again merged tae recreate the auld (greater) Stjørdal municipality on 1 Januar 1962.

General information

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Steinvikholm Castle in Stjørdal whaur the last archbishop o Norawa residit
Pedestrian street in Stjørdal toun
8 Mey 1945 follaein years o German occupation

The Auld Norse form o the name wis Stjórardalr. The first element is the genitive case o the river name Stjór (nou Stjørdalselva) an the last element is dalr whilk means "glen" or "dale". The meanin o the river name is unkent.

The pronunciation o the name Stjørdal in the local dialect is [ʃøɽdaɽːɲ] ( listen).


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The coat-o-airms is frae modren times, but is inspired bi an auld seal for the destrict frae 1344. The airms wur grantit on 25 November 1983. The airms shaws a gowd draigon that is derived frae the auld medieval seal whilk shawed Saunt Margareth staundin on a slain draigon.[1]


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Historical population
Source: Statistics Norway.

Stjørdal consists o the auld municipalities o Skatval, Hegra, Lånke an Stjørdal. The river o "Stjørdalselven" rins throu the Stjørdal glen, wi the peninsula o Skatval on the northren side. The veelage o Hell is in Lånke. Hell is inspecially kent for its train station, whaur a bodie fins the auld sign saying "Gods expedition" (Norse: "Cargo handling").

The veelage of Stjørdal declared tounship in 1997. Stjørdal is the festest growin municipality in Nord-Trøndelag due tae its proximity tae Trondheim an tae Statoil's presence (it controls a lairge pairt o the petroleum activity in the Norwegian Sea frae Stjørdal). Trondheim is anly aboot 35 km frae Stjørdal aither bi road or train (Trønderbanen). Stjørdal is in the process o "growing thegether" wi Trondheim, a shaw o regional urbanization. The distance tae Steinkjer is aboot 85 km, an the touns o Levanger an Verdal is aboot 40–45 km tae the north. Aw fower o thir touns is on the eastren shore o the Trondheimsfjorden.


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Stjørdal is a regional transportation centre that is near the regional airport, Trondheim Airport, Værnes, as weel as port facilities, European route E6, an the Trondheim - Bodø railwey gaun throu the municipality. In addition, thare is train an road connections that gang eastwart tae Swaden .


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The Stjørdal aurie haes a rich bird life wi weel ower 260 recordit species an several guid birding localities. Tho Stjørdal canna boast o a lang coastline (It's anly 25 km lang) some o the best birding auries are tae be foond alang Stjørdalfjorden. Halsøen is virtually situated near the centre of Stjørdal, an can be easy viewed frae a feck o advantage pynts frae route E6 easlins or Langøra wastlins. Formed bi the auld river ootlat, this tidal aurie is weel wirth checking. Due tae the shalla watter an extensive auries o clabber at laich tide, Halsøen is uised baith as a wintering aurie an a migration stopover pynt bi mony species.


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