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Trip hop

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Trip hop is a genre o electronic muisic that oreeginatit in the early 1990s in the Unitit Kinrick, especially Bristol. Derivin frae "post"-acid house,[3] the term wis first uised bi the Breetish muisic media an press as a wey tae describe the mair experimental variant o breakbeat which conteenit influences o soul, funk an jazz.[3] It haes been describit as "Europe's alternative choice in the seicont hauf o the '90s", an "a fusion o hip hop an electronica till neither genre is recognisable."[4] Trip hop muisic fuses several styles an haes hintle in common wi ither genres; it haes several qualities seemilar tae ambient muisic[3] an its drum-based breakdouns share characteristics wi hip hop.[3] It conteens elements o R&B, dub an house an aw, as well as ither electronic muisic. Trip hop can be heichly experimental in natur.[3]

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