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Timothy Dalton

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Timothy Dalton
Timothy Dalton, Amsterdam 1987
BornTimothy Peter Dalton
(1944-03-21) 21 Mairch 1944 (age 80)
or (1946-03-21) 21 Mairch 1946 (age 78)[1]
Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, Wales, UK
Years active1967–present
Kent forJames Bond,
Alexei Volkoff
Hame tounBelper, Derbyshire, Ingland, UK
BairnsAlexander Dalton

Timothy Peter Dalton (born 21 Mairch 1944 or 1946)[1] is a Breetish[2] actor o film an telly.


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    whilst ithers state 1946:
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