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Tikal Temple1 2006 08 11.JPG
Tikal Temple I rises 47 metres (154 ft) heich.[1]
Tikal is locatit in Mesoamericae
Location o the steid
Tikal is locatit in Guatemala
Tikal (Guatemala)
Alternate name Yax Mutal
Location Flores, Petén DepairtmentGuatemala
Region Petén Basin
Coordinates 17°13′19.54″N 89°37′25.01″W / 17.2220944°N 89.6236139°W / 17.2220944; -89.6236139
Periods Early Clessic tae Late Clessic
Culturs Maya ceevilisation
Offeecial name Tikal Naitional Pairk
Teep Mixed
Criteria i, iii, iv, ix, x
Designatit 1979 (3rd session)
Reference no. 64
State Pairty Guatemala
Region Laitin Americae an the Caribbean

Tikal (/tiˈkäl/) (Tik’al in modren Mayan orthografie) is the ruin o an auncient ceety, which wis likely tae hae been cried Yax Mutal, foond in a rainforest in Guatemala.[2]

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Coordinates: 17°13′19.54″N 89°37′25.01″W / 17.2220944°N 89.6236139°W / 17.2220944; -89.6236139