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The Tijuana metropolitan aurie Spaingie: Zona Metropolitana de Tijuana, is locatit on the Paceefic Ocean in Mexico. Accordin tae the 2005 census, the Tijuana metropolitan aurie wis the saxt-lairgest in Mexico, wi a population o 1,483,992. The 2010 Census placit the Tijuana metropolitan aurie at 5t lairgest in the kintra wi 1,751,302 persons. The census bureau defined metropolitan aurie comprises twa municipalities: Tijuana an Rosarito Beach. Yet sources commonly include Tecate Municipality in the metropolitan aurie as the urban aurie atween Tijuana an Tecate grows, the commutin populace increases - ultimately further developin the soothren auries o San Diego–Tijuana, an the three municipalities maintain strang relationships an cooperation.[1][2][3] Template:Mex Census population

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