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God o Knawledge, Hieroglyphs an Wiceheid
Thoth, in ane o his furms as an ibis-heidit man
Major cult centrer= Hermopolis
Symbol Muin disk, papyrus scroll
Consort Seshat, Ma'at, Bastet or Hathor
Parents None (self-creatit); alternatively Ra

Thoth (/ˈθθ/ or /ˈtt/; frae Greek Θώθ thṓth, frae Egyptian ḏḥwty, perhaps pronoonced */tʃʼiħautiː/ or */ɟiħautiː/, dependin on the phonological interpretation o Egyptian's emphatic consonants) wis considered ane o the maist important deities o the Egyptian pantheon. In airt, he wis eften depictit as a man wi the heid o an ibis or a baboon, ainimals saucrit tae him. His feminine coonterpairt wis Seshat, an his wife wis Ma'at.[1]

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