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His Eminence
Thomas Wolsey
Cardinal, Airchbishop o York
Primate o Ingland
Appointed 15 September 1514
Term endit 29 November 1530
Predecessor Christopher Bainbridge
Successor Edward Lee
Ither posts Cardinal-Priest o S. Cecilia (1515–1530)
Ordination 10 Mairch 1498
Consecration 26 Mairch 1514
bi William Warham
Creatit Cardinal 10 September 1515
Personal details
Previous post

Bishop o Lincoln, Ingland (1514)
Admeenistrator o Bath an Wells, Ingland (1518–1523)
Admeenistrator o Durham, Ingland (1523–1530)

Admeenistrator o Winchester, Ingland (1529–1530)
Alma mater Magdalen College, Oxford
Coat o airms

Thomas Wolsey
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.jpg
Sampson Strong's portrait o Cardinal Wolsey at Christ Kirk (1610)
Laird Chancellor
In office
Precedit bi William Warham
Succeedit bi Sir Thomas More
Airchbishop o York
In office
Precedit bi Christopher Bainbridge
Succeedit bi Edward Lee
Personal details
Born Mairch 1473
Ipswich, Suffolk, Ingland
Dee'd (1530-11-29)29 November 1530 (aged 57)
Leicester, Leicestershire, Ingland
Restin place Leicester Abbey
Naitionality Inglis
Relations Robert Wolsey (faither) an Joan Daundy (mither)
Alma mater Magdalen College, Oxford
Religion Roman Catholicism

Thomas Wolsey (c. Mairch 1473[1] – 29 November 1530; whiles spelled Woolsey) wis an Inglis poleetical figur an a cardinal o the Roman Catholic Kirk. When Henry VIII acame Keeng o Ingland in 1509, Wolsey acame the Keeng's almoner.[2]

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